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Collection: ESSENTIA - All our 100% pure natural essential oils (Except sandalwood & ouds)

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Our complete selection of high quality Essential oils of the highest quality, entirely pure, natural and untampered with.

Pure oud and sandalwood oils, are not listed here, as they have their own dedicated collections sections that you can explore by clicking on the respective links.

Being both a perfumer and a "worker" of oils, I like to offer oils that can accomplish different things both form the aromatherapy and the perfumery angle,

For many of my Fundamentals, I love to offer a selection of diverse terroirs, profiles, and qualities, when possible for other oils. So it is not only a matter of just getting lavender or vetiver, but this lavender, and this vetiver (and perhaps this other one too)

There are many  oils I work with for my different blends, workshops or wholesale clients that are not listed here, I am not sure how many and the figure evolves but is way  above a hundred. 

In any case. never hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something that you don't see listed : I might have it, or I might not but I might know a good producer, or have tips to give you for the different qualities. In any case, I will always assess the quality of my products with full honesty. One of the core mission of this shop is to offer superlative  quality aromatics / oils that are entirely natural, 100% pure and with their full integrity.

Here you will find literally ALL the products that technically fit the definition of an essential oil : orris butter for examples qualify while absolutes absolutely do not.

The second criterion here is to be an oil only from one single biological species, so a co distillation of two or more species, or a blend, etc do not qualify. 

 And then of course it is to be of high quality, one hundred percent pure, undiluted nor degraded with lesser valuable substances as is sadly so often the case on the wild market of aromatics.

We offer some of these products in bulk and wholesale quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries.