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KABOSU - A rare japanese citrus / artisan distilled

KABOSU - A rare japanese citrus / artisan distilled

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*** This was a micro batch and the last bottles have been sold January 2024 we are studying the possibility of distilling more in the future ***

This complex and invigorating oil was skilfully artisan distilled, all from natural hand collected fresh fruits, grown organically and untreated.

Kabosu (Citrus sphaerocarpa) is a small citrus varietal, averaging 4 to 5 centimeters in diameter. It is a speciality regional product of the Northeast of the japanese island of Kyushu. 

It's rind is relatively smooth, glossy, and pebbled, lightly textured with prominent oil glands. The rind also ripens from green to bright yellow with maturity. The pale-yellow flesh emits a perfumed, sweet, and refreshing fragrance. Kabosu citrus can be used in its immature green phase or mature, bright yellow state. The flesh is acidic, tart, and subtly sweet, slightly less sour and floral than yuzu, and carries notes of mint, lemons, and melons.

There are over forty known sour citrus varieties regionally grown throughout Japan, and their cultivars are used to enhance the flavor in culinary preparations. Like Yuzu, Kabosu is utilized similarly to flavor sauces, juices, seafood, and main dishes.  Kabosu citrus is known for its acidic juice, customarily used as a flavoring in both raw and cooked preparations. The citrus is traditionally washed, sliced in half, and squeezed with the skin side down to combine the essential oils in the rind with the juice.  Kabosu citrus is popularly used to reduce the marine-like flavor in fish and is often served over sashimi and other seafood. It is also incorporated into ponzu sauce, infused into marmalades, candies, pastries, and ice cream, or used to flavor sodas, sparkling beverages, and cocktails. 

Kabosu citrus is also valued as a home garden variety, highly ornamental for its delicate, fragrant flowers and brightly colored fruits, and the rind is used as a natural air freshener and mosquito repellent.


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