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GREEN HOJARI SULTAN GRADE ARTISAN ESSENTIAL OIL - Divine drops of Frankincense (B. sacra / Oman)

GREEN HOJARI SULTAN GRADE ARTISAN ESSENTIAL OIL - Divine drops of Frankincense (B. sacra / Oman)

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 Omani Boswellia sacra frankincense is considered the most desirable form of Frankincense on the global market (compared to frankincense from other origins, or other subspecies.- The quality of the 'sacred green' resin that was used to distill the oil, is the rarer of all, and the most operative for spiritual uses. It is also locally considered as a the best of medicinal grades.

This resin is what is nowadays referred to as "sultan grade", the best of qualities. Pure, deep green pieces are considered the crème de la crème and have to be hand selected out of the larger harvests in which the various grades and colors are sorted. Local sources estimate that roughly 10kg of green nuggets is found and collected for every 1 ton of resin harvested. For every 10kg of green nuggets, the higher 1kg are selected as the highest quality (little extraneous material, color etc) . That means 1kg of the present requires 1 ton of resin to sift through, hence the rarity, and the price.

Resin of such quality is very much sought after in its raw form and demands often exceeds availability, so it is mostly sold as such, and very rarely distilled 

Slow cycle, low-pressure meticulous artisan distillation in glass still. 

Raw material harvested sustainably by hand, in the wild.

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