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BLACK EMERALD - Vintage Artisan Assamese Wild Vetiver 100% pure natural

BLACK EMERALD - Vintage Artisan Assamese Wild Vetiver 100% pure natural

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Native to India, Vetiver is a major ingredient of perfumery, both traditional, and contemporary, and is nowadays grown in many parts of the world.

Regional profiles tend to very a lot, with f. ex Haitian vetiver being cleaner and more ethereal, Indian vetivers particularly green and bitter and Javanese oils is smoky and dusty.

If we have to generalize the scent, it is earthy, woody, green. It can be cold and warm it can have leathery, smoky, and balsamic notes (and many other nuances)

In perfumery it often found in oriental  blends and also often used to give a perfume a woody note (even if it is technically a bunchgrass). In India it is worn on its own in the hot days, and is also an ingredient of many traditional attars. It is also used in Ayurvedic cosmetics. 

Vetiver has been used in traditional medicine in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand), and West Africa. Old Tamil literature mentions the use of vetiver for medical purposes. The plant is also sometimes used to protect crops and repel aggressors and parasites. The dried herb is also burnt as incense.

Vetiver is also an important oil of aromatherapy, which attributes to the oil different physiological benefits, and many energetical properties: grounding,, good to alleviate the feeling of loneliness, likewise with instability,  insecurity, fear of lacking, homesickness, etc excellent oil for focus, concentration, to nurture roots.

It is one of the classical oils to work with on the root  / first chakra (Mūlādhāra). It is also an excellent oil for meditation 

This artisan oil

Slow, low pressure artisan hydrodistillation of pure wild Assamese vetiver, distilled 2018 and beautifully cured.

According to local customs, the roots leaves are cured fresh before distillation, it gives an interesting profile and research shows there is no loss in oil yield or quality (until a certain limit). The cleaned roots are spread on drying grounds. The roots are turned over at regular intervals until dry. During this process foreign matter if any is removed from the mass. The cleaned and dried roots are then distilled (soaked then hydro distillation) or stored in sheds where they are allowed to mature for the bit kept as dried raw material. 

The profile is all depth and width, light in top notes (which nevertheless textured and spicy). It is smooth, bitter (in a good way, not sharp, but deep, and really cooling). If you want a vetiver lighter and richer in top notes, try our Haitian Vetiver. The longevity is exceptional.

Since vetiver (khus in India) is consider a major coolant, fit for summer perfumes, and since the shrub is green when fresh, I have names this very special oil Black Emerald, fitting furthermore as the robe is dark green-brown

This is not a regular production, and when the quantity I have is gone, it will be gone.


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Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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