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Collection: PER FUMUM - Ingredients to heat or burn

Through smoke - The origin of it all


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According to archeology, humans started to burn fragrant materials as soon as "we" domesticated fire, for ritual, medical, psychogenic, entheogenic, celebrative and hedonistic reasons.

No Wonder, then, that the latin Per Fumum (litt:: "through smoke") is the etymology of the word perfume in many languages (Parfum, Profumo, etc.).

This collection offer different aromatic woods, resins, dry plant material, powders, etc. that can be heated or burn, or used for preparing incense blends.

Oh, incense, another word with a burning etymology: Latin incensum ‘something  desgined to beburnt, incense’, from the past of participle of incendere ‘set fire to’ ( itself from- ‘in’ + candere -> incandescent etc.)