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OMANI BLACK FRANKINCENSE - Surprising Boswellia Sacra black resin from Dhofar (Oman)

OMANI BLACK FRANKINCENSE - Surprising Boswellia Sacra black resin from Dhofar (Oman)

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In general, the more rugged black frankincense is much less valued than its white or green siblings. 

For a black B. sacra, this quality is however remarkable.  Its rare and wonderful scent profile unveils spicey orange zest, sweet yuzu, balsamic amber all enwrapped by the distinctive pine-y notes from omani B. sacra.

This is not considered a medicine grade locally, only the white and green grades are. Its fragrance is a bit less concentrated than the White Luban, or the Sacred Green Hojari of our special Omani selections, but it is a very interesting resin on its own, more earthy and sensual than aethereal, yet still invigorating and elevating.

Its affordabe  price and  "heaven and earth" balance, make it an excellent daily burn 


Boswellia Sacra. Sustainable wild harvest


Omani B. sacra frankincense, in general, is considered the most desirable resin on the global market (compared to frankincense from other origins).

From all the diverse local quality grades, and the infinite marketing denomination on the international markets, I have selected three qualities:


Sacred Green Hojari - White Loban - Omani Black


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