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WILD CAMBODI AGARWOOD - high quality 100 % wild and natural wood chips (single tree)

WILD CAMBODI AGARWOOD - high quality 100 % wild and natural wood chips (single tree)

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Pure quality 100% wild and natural raw Cambodi Agarwood chips for heating or burning (Aquilaria crassna).

Sourced from one single mature tree in the Koh Kong region, jungle of lower lands. Precise age unknown.

Heated on low / gentle heat (our recommendation of use) : custard, vanillic,cinamommy spicyness, light fruity notes (evoking dried apricot) and delicious residual “oudiness”. A bit later, black tea, light forest (moss, mushroom) & light medicinal (without any bitterness) notes emerge and combine with the others. Much later : some  hesperide note (evoking orange peel)

No harsh or sharp note, no animalics.  A very smooth, sweet and satisfying experience.

On higher heat you get some of the spiciness and the medicinal notes on opening. The sweetness comes later, and a marzipan note. If you go beyond the point of white smoke, there is an animalic note when the heat fully hits, more hyraceum than barn. It is a bit sharp but very short lived and then disappears. I would not go for close(r) listening on high heat, but it creates a nice,  pleasant and lasting fragrance for the room (with globally the same notes, expressing differently) so I only use higher heat if I want to incense a room.


The actual weight is always (slightly) above the weight paid for. 

You will receive the best quality arrangement of pieces for the weight you order, never  dust or scraps.

When a wood is labelled wild, we genuinely mean wild: naturally occurring (versus planted), untreated, and responsibly harvested : no tiny or young trees, nor trees with little resin. Only mature and well-infected trees // only in regions where wild harvest is legal.

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Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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