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ASSAM AGARWOOD / OUD - Semi Wild 25 yo Quality Wood (100% Natural)

ASSAM AGARWOOD / OUD - Semi Wild 25 yo Quality Wood (100% Natural)

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Resin-Rich Acquilaria Malaccensis woodchips from Assam  

Genuinely wild oud doesn't really exist today anymore in Assam (despite many unscrupulous merchants claims), but this is as close as possible to the real deal.

Sustainably grown by a network of villages in North Assam, those trees are a bridge through generations. They are planted in their natural ecosystem, not in plantations (hence the term "semi wild") and grown entirely naturally. This way oud has both terroir and naturalness. There is no inoculation of any kind to force produce the heavenly resin. 

After approx. 25 years, when sufficiently infected (oud being a resin the tree secretes when attacked by its environment), the wood is harvested. 

The wood pieces are cleaned by hand and assigned to different categories, depending on the proportion of resin and the overall quality. The best two grades are sold as wood for heating / burning. Some is used for the better quality oils. The other grades are used to make incense, or less expensive oils.

This is the higher grade for this quality of wood (25 y.o semi-wild)

When the chips are heated he profile has both sweet, even deliciously tarty, notes as well animalic and spicy ones. The experience is hypnotic, warming, joyful.

Intense heat forces the animalic note in a bundle that unfolds at one time as the wood burns, as an eruption in between the sweet and spicy notes. If you prefer the smoothest experience, place the wood on a heater on lower heat spectrum.

You will receive the beest arrangement of pieces for the weight you order, never  dust, or quality scraps.

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