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Collection: MON AMIE LA ROSE - The Bliss of the Divine Rose




" Being both a natural perfumer and a rose producer, one of my lifelong aims is to keep working the Damascus rose creatively, to develop unique natural fragrances that bring joy, energy, warmth to the heart and, of course, olfactory delights."



This is the collection dedicated to "everything rose"

in Scentient's Nature offerings

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 Since childhood, I get inebriated by the fragrance of roses, spending hours in season immersed in the olfactive bliss, eyes closed.

When I started to enter the world of aromatics and fragrances, three decades ago, Rosa damascena quickly became my personal Queen, my marjor Arkana. With rose I healed lots of deep old suffering and stuck sadness, reopened and reinvigorated my heart. To these day, she accompanies me everywhere ago, and immediately offer joy and peace, when I inhale her presence, whatever the external turmoil.

It has been a lifelong task for me to research the cultural histories of aromatics, I was blessed by a professional commission in 2016-2017 to explore in depth exploration the use of roses (in perfumery, to medicine, magic, ritual, etc). The work that was commissioned in 2017 by the wonderful team at Chopard / pfch perfumes to develop the Rose de Caroline and Love fragrances. 

I was flabbergasted at how consistent the therapeutic and spiritual benefits have been  over millennia and culture.

So it is not completely random coincidence that today, I develop several rose gardens in the Hindu Kush with a dear friend of mine, where we produce the most remarkable  Rosa damascena Otto essential oil / Otto in traditional fashion.

You can discover the important social and ecological aspects of our orchards and projects here.

Being a natural perfumer, it came naturally that I wanted to work the Damascus rose creatively and develop unique natural fragrances that bring joy, energy, warmth to the heart and olfactory delights. I also enjoy to blog snippets of my researches on Roses in the Heartnotes Blog

This collections regroups all the rose pure natural products and well as all the perfumes and attars creations where rose features centrally.

We offer some of these products in bulk and wholesale quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries.


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