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ROSEBLUSH - a voluptuous touch of vintage Oud in cured Rosa damascena Oil

ROSEBLUSH - a voluptuous touch of vintage Oud in cured Rosa damascena Oil

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This simple attar, is based on the Rose/ Oud alliance, that is so loved in the middle East and South Asia, but recreated to introduce non familiar / western audience to appreciate this magical combination.

It is composed of our own cured Rosa damascena essential production oil and from  vintage quality wild Aquilaria malaccensis Oud from North East India, artisan-distilled in 2014.

The blend itself is made anew when one batch is (almost) finished and cured a few months until it reaches its unity, before being offered here. This is as long as I still have those ouds in my treasury. I bought many tolas so as of 2023, we are still good for a good while, which is great, as I love this attar.

All 100 % pure, natural and untampered with (no rectification, communelle or intervention of any kind : just high quality distillations, blending, curing, fine tuning, more curing et voilà).

The story behind the creation of this blend started from a recurring frustration: I regularly have real life clients enjoying degustations here, where one half of the couple loved pure ouds (in Swiss cultural context where it is still not mainstream nor even really known about), only for their partner to find them too animalic for their taste.

So I designed this blend,to try to give the most gentle possible introduction to oud and bring both sensitivities together..

Completely unexpectedly, it become a minor best-seller of the shop... a happy serendipity accident, in a way !

Not only did it become a favorite of my real life clients and a win-win compromise for the couples  where one half found oud enticing and the other "too much". Amusingly - seeing that is started by this asymmetric attraction - repulsion, several of them reported later an arousing and aphrodisiac effect - something I clearly feel too. - that made Roseblush become a playful addiction of theirs.  I grew supremely fond of it, too.

It is an ample, opulent, sensual, warm, generous perfume, that has good sillage, projection and longevity.

As I say in French: c'est un parfum à porter pour les occasions soit très habillé*e, soit tout à fait déshabillé*e. Roughly translating to : it is a fragrance to wear either in elegant-wear contexts, or when not wearing anything.   

The animalic notes that make oud lovers so fond are very discrete here, they are channelized to create a part of the sensual experience and fragrant journey, without ever taking center stage.

This was designed to offer the oud / rose experience for people who do not enjoy strong animalic or barny notes. The amateur will discern and enjoy their veiled presence, but they never come to the forefront (I also offer blends proportionally much stronger in Oud, for such tastes.) 

Speaking of the wonderful rainbow of personal sensitivities, the only thing to keep in mind is that it is a rich, opulent and incarnated fragrance, not a light or ethereal one (thought it activates many subtle things too), and one with light but discernible animalic undertones.



The first impression is a larger then life rose, warm, rich, floral, spicy and slightly animalic.

After the overture, new notes appear : black soil, hay and leather reveal themselves discretely underneath the flower, just like if you were smelling the opening rose at sunrise in a well kept naturally cultivated orchard. The rose keeps shining as queen, robed with a little hedonist decadence., showing an elegant smile, with an added blush.

The olfactive experience keeps evolving, showing different facets of the rose-oud danse de salon: notes of cinammon, frankincense, ocean (iodine rich air), petrichor and dried raspberry show in turn as different gems worn by Her Majesty, the Rose. Different facets of the rose experience itself flash in turns, from deep velvety vintage-y base notes to phases reminiscent of zesty Taif damascena, wearing distinguished headnotes all around the heart.

Half an hour in, the experience become more spicy, and unified: we don't have a rose growing, opening and shining in her terroir; just a voluptuous spicy rose blossming just for our nose's delight.

It remains vivid for hours, evolving through different phases, like good perfumes do, generating a luminous, flowery, vivid, spicy, timeless fragrant aura. 



What I subjectively experience / feel.

Deeply warming, activating the heart region, comforting, grounding, encompassing, arousing, aphrodisiac. facilitating connection to emotions and body sensations.

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Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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