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THE COURTESAN's PALACE : Rosa damascena Flowering on Vintage Wild Indian Oud

THE COURTESAN's PALACE : Rosa damascena Flowering on Vintage Wild Indian Oud

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In Indian and Middle Eastern Perfumery, there is great tradition of associating Rose otto (essential oil) with animalic smelling substances, such as musk or oud (the latter not coming from any literal animal, but from a family of trees).

This is one homage to this wonderful tradition, offering the perfect seductive tension between the animalic leather notes of oud and the sensual radiance of our rose essential oil.

 At the opening, the olfactive experience is Sweet, floral, animalic and gourmand, taking pastry-like and powdery notes after 10 minutes or so. After a while hesperides (citrus family) and honey notes emerge, followed by fruity ones (peach, raspberry, apricot jam). After an hour, an incensy facet reveals as well.

After a while, all these facets merge into a quintessential warm round and sensual, life soft virgin wool on naked skin.

The drydown is sweet (vanillic) and spicy (cinammon)

This attar is part of our Sensual Triptych based on the classical (in Middle-Eastern and South Asian traditions of natural perfumery) encounter between Hindi ouds and Rose (here:  our Rose production)

Vintage wild Tripura oud (around 20%) cured in our vintage Damask Rose oil, both 100% pure and natural.  

Un nez averti en vaut deux

The animalic side makes part of the delight of this attar;  so if you are new to animalics and want to try the wonderful hindi oud - rose synergy, I suggest you try our Roseblush (where the oud, and the animalic facet, are much more discreet), or that you order small samples to see how you appreciate the oil).


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