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DARYA I NOOR (Sea of Light)- Fancy Diamond Fragrance

DARYA I NOOR (Sea of Light)- Fancy Diamond Fragrance

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This attar is my attempt to re-create this mythical diamond into a perfume : aristocratic, unique, powerful & substantial while also translucent...  having an athereal dimension as well as real "weight" in fragrant carats

This is a genuinely unique and precious attar, a radiant gemmiferous rainbow.

The olfactive experience is sweet, silky, immaterial yet substantial, pheromonal... an ode to love

The opening is floral (rose, iris), sweet (light lychee, honey, yuzu),  spicy (saffron) , with a discrete suede background. An hour in, it adds a gourmand facet (vanilla, marzipan)

The evolution of the fragrance is also translating the fancy diamond experience, how it reflects light: mostly linear but with constant mini transformations between the different facets and constant renewal of beauty.

It is aristrocratic and hypnotic without bring ostentatious

I personally don't believe in the masculine/feminine dichotomy for perfumes, at least in in their... essence. Of course, different smells (colours, clothing choices etc.) are constructed as masculine or feminine in different ways in different places and times. In the current western smellscape, this perfume would probably qualified as feminine. I still love to wear it nevertheless. 

Ingredients: Orris butter (Iris pallida), Rosa damascena (our production), Saffron (our production), Sri Lankan Sandlwood (S. album, cured 5 years), Vintage Oud (2017 merauke /  Aquilaria filaria), White Ambergris & a hint of quality Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin - our special reserve).

Darya i Noor's Historical Background

The Darya i Noor was mined  in Andhra Pradesh, presumably in the same mine than its the famous Koh i noor It was originally owned by the Kakatiya dynasty, later it was possessed by the Khalji dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate and to Mughal emperors. It then became part of Shah Jahan's famous Peacock Throne.

In 1739, Nader Shah of Iran invaded Northern India, occupied Delhi. As payment for returning the crown of India to the Mughal emperor, Muhammad Shah, he took possession of the entire fabled treasury of the Mughals, including the Daria-i-Noor, in addition to the Koh-i-Noor and the Peacock Throne.


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