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THE ORIGINAL ROSE - Rosa Damascena Pure Essential oil / Otto [Our own estate]

THE ORIGINAL ROSE - Rosa Damascena Pure Essential oil / Otto [Our own estate]

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100% Pure and Natural Single Estate Rosa damascena Essential Oil

Slow Double hydro distillation in copper alambics directly at the Rose orchard.

Profile : 

A gorgeous classic rose of rare intensity, projection and tenacity.

Opening with the classic lemony and green top notes, laced with a hint of peppercorn and spice, and reveals beyond a remarkably deep body with nuances of tobacco, hay, vintage rose and honey. 

Geographical origin : Hindu Kush

When properly kept, The oil ages well and develops interestingly over years.

Each of our rose oils is 100% pure and unmixed: single millésime & single orchard.

Our exceptional organic Rosa damascena essential oil, the empress of roses for perfumery. The perennial star seller of the shop, too.

The rose orchard is cultivated entirely naturally and by hand.

The organic fertilizer is produced directly at the estate, co-plantations with plants who protect the rose trees from their own aggressors as per the traditional local rose keeping traditions, who had their own advanced "ethno permaculture approach".

No use of phytosanitary products on the rose bushes or rosebuds (or anywhere in the orchard)

Entirely produced and distilled at the estate thus minimizing transport of this extremely delicate and time sensitive raw material. All is manual labour of course and harvested early mornings during crop season before the blossom fully open so as not process blossoms that have lost some of there fragrant molecules.

Manual slow low pressure hydro-distillation, in copper pots at the estate. Double distilled.

Produced with uttermost attention to quality.

The Scentient Experience

 Intense energy, the essence of the heart of the rose... greatly active on the heart region, alleviates sadness (but can intensify it at first to produce a cleanse), helps processing emotions, overall subtle body harmonized.

And also... 

Discover our vintage rose millésimes

You can learn more about the orchard here - and about the positive local impacts of the project here

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Bottles / Vials Info

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Terms, Conditions, Scope of use, etc

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Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pure happiness

Exactly what i wanted! I have been looking for a rose oil of this quality for a long time. I breathe it before a meditation or a treatment or I mix it with vegetable oil for massages (solar plexus...etc). I also sometimes place a drop on the wrist to take with me all the softness of this wonder.

F. T.
Merciiii !

Je parle pas bien anglais haha, mais merci pour ta rose, qui réchauffe le coeur et nous transporte dans des paysages merveilleux... elle est exceptionnelle !