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Collection: MAJOR ARKANA - The Fundamentals


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All essential oils, and the raw materials behind them, have interesting properties, uses  and cultural histories.

Out of those, some emerge as being "fundamentals", that is having a greater relative importance for well being, perfumery and / or healing.

Of course, inclusion is such a collection is in part subjective. The choice is partially determined by the richness of the cultural histories and of humankind fascination with the selected substances, but also by my direct experience about their reach.

Some major aromatics have their own dedicated collections (the Rose here, Oud here, Sandalwood here) and I only propose one representative item here, the full selections for those can be found in each dedicated selection.

For the rest, this collections unfolds such "fundamentals" some well-known, some less so, at least in some parts of the world, or interest circles.

I love to offer also a selection of diverse terroirs, profiles, and qualities, for example for oils like Mélisse / Lemonbalm, Immortelle / Hélichryse, Patchouli, Vetiver, Néroli (orange blossom). etc. that are the object of the present collection.

Just like with Ouds or Sandalwooods perfume lovers, and amateur of the subtle, can explore and enjoy the great diversity of terroir and distillation arts, within a single natural referent.

We offer most of these products in bulk and wholesale quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries.