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MAHARISHI - Imparting knowledge of the Divine (pure Sandalwood / Santalum album)

MAHARISHI - Imparting knowledge of the Divine (pure Sandalwood / Santalum album)

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 The profile is quintessential Santalum album, well structured, particularly fragrant and elevating, with notes of spice, leather and incense around the core of deep woodiness.

This oil makes easy to understand how come Sandalwood as been used for ritual, prayer and meditation since millennia.

The deep-reaching presence and feeling of this oil is uplifting. balanced, grounded, energy infused, benevolent, and auspicious.

Karnataka Santalum Album. Trunk heartwood with some root system heartwood

Trees : semi-wild circa 30-40 years. 3 years of dry curing Artisan distilled over 5 days in November 2021

The inspiration behind the name
Maharishi is a Sanskrit word, wormed from the prefix mahā- "great" and r̥ṣi - sage, poet or a singer of sacred hymns.The only seers who can adopt the title are those who achieve the highest state of awareness.

The Maharshis are capable of making others saintly and impart knowledge of the workings of the divine, just like Sandalwood has done all over Asia for millenia.

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