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TIME TRIPURA - Pure Oud / Agarwood Oil - Wild Aquilaria malaccensis - 2015 distillation

TIME TRIPURA - Pure Oud / Agarwood Oil - Wild Aquilaria malaccensis - 2015 distillation

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This oud oil is made from finely powdered woods chips from wild trees from the jungles of southern Tripura. The average age of trees is around 50 years.

The raw material was soaked in water for two weeks and then slowly hydro-distilled in late 2015. It is aging beautifully.

I sourced several tolas of this oil via the friend I co produce oils with in Assam. I am very fond of, and I plan to offering them gradually over time only, as I want to keep it curing and aging it.

Time Tripura is a very oil with rich olfactive facets unfolding over time, animalic, sweet, medicinal, and spicy.

The opening is leather, tea, barn, black soil, peat, dried peach and orange marmelade.

It then ongoingly dances and transforms, revealing iode (marine air), incensy, creamy, medicinal herbs, animal fur, suede, hay, dried apricot, etc. 

It is recomforting, focussing, grounding, exhilarating, aphrodisiac.

This said...

 Un nez averti en vaut deux

While this profile is not intensely strong as some hindi ouds are, it is nevertheless a traditional profile, such as those the most loved in India or the Middle East. The oil has nevertheless a structured Animalic presence that evolves in and out the different facets.

A mild degree of barn and funk are seen as a desirable quality that is actively sought after by many oud lovers, myself included, but it is also hated by others, and an acquired taste to yet others, who progressively discover the exhilaration that such oils can provide. 

If you are new to oud (or new to Scentient Nature), make sure you order small samples first and and experience how you enjoy the oil before possibly ordering bigger quantities. Or explore our oud collection for more "easy going" profiles: it will be mentioned in their description  

 The terroir

Aquilaria Malaccensis distribution in south Tripura are still to this very day under explored as the agarwood producers from Assam have not been able to extend in this region, largely for lack of understanding of / with the local population from remote jungle areas.

The terroir presence in the oil is typical from oils from this region: deep, jungle infused, authentic, exhilarating.

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