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WILD MOUNTAIN LAVENDER - Creamy and Divinely Textured artisan oil from the Southern French Alps

WILD MOUNTAIN LAVENDER - Creamy and Divinely Textured artisan oil from the Southern French Alps

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High quality lavender was incidentally the first thing I started sourcing, and I keep sourcing different quality lavenders. I find it important because it is an inexpensive aromatic compared to the prestigious substances of high end perfumery.

This 100% pure wild Lavandula angustifolia, artisan slow-distilled, essential oil is operates at a higher resolution, expanding what lavender can be: wider olfactive palette, there is a sweet buttery creamy layer, and also some mountain robustness (wood, spice, green notes), and an hypnotic hint of caramel. This is not a cushioned cultivar the has been artificially sweetened or intensified: it is a terroir variety for the southern alps naturally adapted to its mountainous environment, it is complex, delicate, and vivid; its potency is not flashy, rather in the deeper spectrum.

Natural wild mountain lavender hand collected, artisan slow distilled, like in the old days. Altitude circa 1200-1400m (wild lavender likes altitude to express its best)

The climate of the Aups d'Auta Provença, as called in Occitan, is an interesting blend of Mediterranean and alpine : dry air,  little fog, infrequent rainfall, high sunshine hours in all seasons, high thermal amplitudes, fresh bright winters and very hot summers barely tempered by altitude. The lavender loves such conditions and inherits part of its character from it: sweetness form the Sun, but also a protective robustness. 

Haute-Provence is a remarkably wild gorgeous region, and one can witness there some of the best starry skies in Western Europe, untouched by light pollution. 

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