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Collection: FRAGRANTICA II - Traditional Attars

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This is the collection for tradtional Attars / Ittars

There are different definition of what an attar is (or should be). The strict technical one refers to co-distillates of flowers, herbs, spices, resins and other natural materials such as baked soil into a sandalwood oil base,  using hydrodistillation techniques and traditional apparatus  and techniques for distillation.

In a wider sense, the word is simply synonym for perfumes in many parts of the world. It usually refers to perfume made 100% pure aromatics, no alcohol, and no carrier oil, but it is also use for about anything. Sometimes the word attar is synonym for "Pure essential oil", too.

Most attars offered here are exactly that (see each product description for the full story). They are my creations, inspired by classical combinations that I revisit, blended and curated with extreme care and love, and only using the best qualities of aromatics, never any "second zone ones". Occasionally, I add to the selection traditional attars, produced by master artisans in the origin countries of production, such as the troubling and marvellous Indian mitti attar.

Some traditional formulas are made their in traditional countries of production though blending pure essences (versus co-distillation of the raw materials), and, nowadays at times using absolutes in the formula .

By default, all perfumes I make are only with pure essences, not absolutes (which are very different and quite inert energetically). If an absolute is used in a blend, it will always be explicitly mentioned in the description of the product.

In India, attars are classified based on their perceived effect on the body. 'Warm' attars such as musk, amber and saffron are used in winter, as they are believed to increase body temperature. Likewise, cool ittars such as rose, jasmine, vetiver, etc. are used in summers for their perceived cooling effect on the body.

Although attars are mostly used as a perfume, they also have been used for centuries as medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes, this echoing the wider scope of uses for aromatics that is at the core of Scentient Nature's philosophy and practice. 

You can also look at our "Ecrins - Precious aromatics shining in sandalwood oil" collection, as all items there qualify as attars, and some are definitely traditional formulas. Only a few are listed in the present collection, and you will find the rest there.

We offer some of these products in bulk and wholesale quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries.