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Collection: LES ÉCRINS - Precious Aromatics shining in Sandalwood oil

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 In traditional Indian perfumery, Sandalwood oil is sometimes used as a “noble canvas” for other aromatics or blends; offering its "guests" a privileged expressive space, supporting them with its remarkable fixative properties and longevity. Of course, it also infuses them with the unique spirit and radiant presence of Sandalwood.

Sometimes the aim is primarily to give space to unfold for the finer nuances of aromatics which would be too powerful on their own, like jasmine, sometimes it is to create unique new fragrant synergies, like with my beloved mitti attar.

While some traditional Indian attars, result in the co-distillation of complex blends of aromatics into a Sandalwood oil base, many of them are also simply duets, like sandalwood-rose for example. 

Some are delicate and discreet, other are powerhouses of kinds (see each item’s description) 

This collection is dedicated to such admirable Écrins.

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