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ABSOLUE de SAMBAC - Jasminum sambac in vintage Sandalwood oil

ABSOLUE de SAMBAC - Jasminum sambac in vintage Sandalwood oil

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Mystery, infinity, the lush tropical night, devotion, depth,  balance, peaceful radiance, hypnotic sweetness, depth, elevation, seduction.


High perfumery pure Jasmine sambac absolute in pure vintage SriLankan Sandalwood essential oil (S. album, artisan distilled 2018). 

The opening is round, warming, very gently and progressively evolve, adding notes of lychee, moss, woodiness to the experience. Many people find also a substantial "Lily of the valley" (muguet) presence

The long dry down is very floral and feelgood.

Jasmine Sambac is more complex, mysterious and earthy than the sweeter Jasminum Grandiflorum. Check here for a similar attar made with J. grandiflorum.


Jasmin sambac is a very important plant in South and Southeast Asia

The word Sambac, comes from champaca an ubiqutituous sanskrit word denoting the headniness of numerous floers (magnolie, plumeria, etc.)

The young flower buds of J. sambac are the white flower you see in all the fresh devotional flower garlands in Southern India and many other places). It is used ritually but is also sometimes worn fresh in bracelets, or hair braid (in grand style during weddings), for an ephemeral fragrant jewellery (see our collection dedicated to those here)

Considered sattvik, it is an auspicious devtional offering,  associated with, among others, Goddess sarasvati, goddess of knowledge, learning, wisdom (poetry & music). Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universalizing, holistic, constructive, creative, building, positive attitude, luminous, serenity, being-ness, peaceful, virtuous

I saw the lord, white as jasmine,
and broke wide open
He bartered my heart, looted my flesh,
claimed as tribute my pleasure,
took overall of me.
I’m the woman of love
for my lord, white as jasmine.

Akka Mahadevi (1130-1160)
Female poet, saint and mystic from South India

But the plant has also long and important associations with sensual love, with the god Kama, the god of pleasure and with the mysteries of the night.

Women bathed in sandalwood scents,
Flashing antelope eyes,
Arbours of fountains, flowers and moonlight,
A terrace swept with breeze of flowering jasmine
In summer they stimulate
Love and love-god himself.

Bhartrihari (c. 450-510 CE)
One of the most original philosophers of language and religion in ancient India 

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