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ABSOLUE GRANDE FLEUR - Jasmin d'Egypte in vintage Sandalwood oil

ABSOLUE GRANDE FLEUR - Jasmin d'Egypte in vintage Sandalwood oil

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 There is so much "flower power" that the opening is actually a bit slow: like witnessing a jasmine bud open.

The experience beyond is sweet, feel good, deep and heady, pleasant, radiant, fruity and slightly spicy. It is a warm, feel good and long lasting wear


Pure High perfumery Jasminum grandiflorum absolute in pure vintage SriLankan Sandalwood essential oil (S. album, artisan distilled 2018). 

The opening is round, warming, very gently and progressively evolve, adding notes of lychee, moss, woodiness to the experience. Many people find also a substantial "Lily of the valley" (muguet) presence

The long dry down is very floral and feelgood.

Jasmine grandiflorum is rounder and sweeter than the more mysterious Jasminum Grandiflorum. Check here for a similar attar made with J. sambac.

Le Jasmin Grande fleur / Jasmin d'Espagne, Jasminum grandiflorum, was (re?)imported from India to Europe in the 17th century and quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean basin (France - Grasse - Spain, Italy, Egypt) for its characteristic scent. Some authors considered it spread much earlier via the Arab world, since antiquity.

Among all the different species, It is one of the two used in perfumery with Jasmine sambac.

Since the the 19th century it is grown in open fields to meet the industrial needs of perfumers. It is the best-known and most widely cultivated variety for the production of perfume essence and for horticulture.

It is associated both with purity  (the beautiful radiant white colour) and seduction (the deep, sweet, heavy scent)


I cannot write Damascus, without feeling the jasmines on my fingers

Nizar Qabbani
XXth Century Syrian Poet
(and diplomat, who spent a good part of his life aborad)


Suave et pur jasmin d'Espagne
Où se posa l'abeille d'or
Une grâce vous accompagne
Et vous possédez un trésor

Sweet and pure Spanish jasmine
Where the golden bee landed
A grace accompanies you
And you have a treasure

Théophile Gautier (1831-1872)
A l'imperatrice




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