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Collection: HERBALIA - Traditional herbs, roots, flower & plants

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By education and first professional trade, I am an anthropologist. I keep practicing professional research on the side. I am also active in diverse projects (academic, cultural, on the field, etc- on several continents). When I move around and / or collaborate with people from new places and latitudes, I love taking space for exploring for the things I love, which include local use of plants, form food to ethno botany to folk medicine or ritual uses.

I am in awe ant the cultural uses of aromatics and other natural substances in the history of wo/mankind, so I constantly (as time allows) research litterature, online and on the field to constantly discover new things, some of which I archive, some of which I keep using and study / start sourcing seriously

I share here a few selected wonderful and rare / little known such products, when I stumble upon them through my different projects and start integrating happily in my own life.