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Collection: ETHICANIMALICS - Animalics from Ethical non-violent Sources only

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Animalics range among the most import aromatics in the history of mankind. They have been used for high perfumery, medecine, magic, aphrodisiacs and many other uses.

It is the responsibility of buyers to make sure that what they buy is legal in the country they wish to receive in

The two staples are ambregris, and musk,

Ambergris isa secretion from the whale stomach. Contrary to popular belief real good ambergris has nothing to do with harming any whales. They regurgitate this composite mmaterial naturally. It then floats on the ocean for very long time where it gets cured naturally. Eventually, it is collected on beaches by local collectors in oceanic regions, often people doing it as a side passion. We work with people who centralize locally the finds of collectors in different countries. Ambergris is more or less always available.

Musk is an altogether different story. It comes prom a gland from a few related species of wild deer in Central Asia. Quite a few being threatened  (but not all and not everywhere by far). There is a disgusting black market that different countries tackles very differently, but usually very severely. In some countries where deer populations are not threatened, the grant limited and tightly controlled license and quotas to hunters. Who then go and kill deer, musk being then sold legally. Scentient nature prefers not to get engaged with any of such trade. On exceptionally rare occasions, in three regions of sourcing where I have close and trustworthy links a deer is found death from natural causes. It is rare because they are admirably skilled alpine creatures, but with occasional landslide, earthquakes, bird of prey attack, etc. it happens. Every 3-4 years so far on average, I get one such pod, that I treat with care and respect, I use some for my attars and sell some in raw and tinctured form.