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HAILAKANDI HIGH TEA - A sweet and refined Southern Assam oud oil

HAILAKANDI HIGH TEA - A sweet and refined Southern Assam oud oil

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This is a high grade South Assamese oil: sweet, refined, offering a very wide array of notes and transformations, complex yet smooth to wear. An instant classic.

The opening is a bouquet of tea (Lapsang Souchong to Pu-erh), animal fur, light barn, dark chocolate, rum cake with raisins, orange peel & incense, 

Overtime new notes appear and transform over hours : leather, oakmoss, tobacco, vetiver, patchouli, abricot, ambergris, peat, caramel, candied ginger, suede. 

One hours in, it is almost like a spicy incensy pastry / fruit jam. The sweetness is not overbearing at all, it remains an hindi oud, but round,  sweet & refined in its expression. 

The dry down is sweet suede  with floral overtones... like one could imagine the "perfumed gloves of old", with hints of vintage rose and orris, all enwrapped delicately in suede, with the occasional fresher mote (bergamot)

The animalic facet is sweet, with leather, ambergris, animal fur,  and light barn as the main notes.

This oil is as smooth, delicate and 'perfume' as it gets for a an authentic Assamese profile, so  it is possibly the best alternative in our assortment for an introduction to Assamese ouds (in which case we recommend buying a sample first to see how you enjoy) 

On the contrary, if you prefer to explore our more traditional, and more animalic, oils from the same region, you can try to explore Time Tripura & Barak Jam


 The wood used is from one mature single tree around 50 y.o, semiwild (in natural terroir mixed ecosystem, grown without intervention : naturally grown and infected) 

'Incense grade' wood only. Traditional soaking for 3 weeks and quality artisan slow low pressure distillation in march 2020. 100% pure and natural.

 Un nez averti en vaut deux

This profile is  a high quality a traditional Assamese profile, such as those the most loved in India or the Middle East. While it is of the sweeter kind for such a profile, the oil has a structured animalic presence that evolves in and out of the different facets as the oil unfolds its journey in time. 

The animalic facet is here sweet and smooth, with leather, ambergris, animal fur, and light barn as the main traits. IT is as light as can be for an assamese oil done in a neoclassic way (= with the purprose to channelize animalic notes in a 'perfumery' way, not to erase them altogether) 

A degree of barn and funk are seen as a desirable quality that is actively sought after by many oud lovers, myself included, but it is also hated by some, and an acquired taste to yet others, who progressively discover the exhilaration that such oils can provide. 

If you are new to oud (or new to Scentient Nature), make sure you order small samples first and and experience how you enjoy the oil before possibly ordering bigger quantities. Or explore our oud collection for more "easy going" profiles: it will be mentioned in their description  

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Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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