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BARAK JAM - A sweet multifaceted Assamese Oud Oil

BARAK JAM - A sweet multifaceted Assamese Oud Oil

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The Ouverture is sweet, with light smoke and barn as well iodine overtones (oceanside air). As things unfold, new notes arrive in focus; the sweetness develops into something grand-marnier like (or bitter orange marmelade) and other terroir notes emerge : jungle soil / peat, lapsang souchong, incense, light tobacco and leather.

It then keeps tranfsorming between these different facets, generating new accords as the above notes ongoingly emerge, combine and dissolve.

The mid evolution gives an incensy, spicy (cinammon, nutmeg, clove), with a suprising bergamot citrus note  Later even, suede, caramel, bezoin and ghee notes appear, offering a delicious , long lasting round dry-down with floral overtones,

Oils from this part of Southern Assam are known for being sweeter than other assamese oils and this one is a typical illustration. It has a strong character and many defining characteristics of Assamese ouds, but also a sweetness to it, from the opening to the dry down.

 The wood used is from trees around 25 y.o, semiwild (in natural terroir mixed ecoysstem, grown without intervention : naturally grown and infected). 

Traditional soaking for 30 days and artisan slow distillation. 100% pure and natural.

There is some 'white wood' (wood form the same tree containing oud but producing less oil than concentrated 'incense grade' wood) used in the distillation hence the low price for a quality traditional artisan Assam oil.  The longevity is nevertheless very good, and the oil is very interesting, as it keeps transforming and displays a wide array of notes and facets

but read below.... 

Un nez averti en vaut deux

 This profile is a traditional South Assamese / Barak Valley profile, it is sweet  through and through [that is : sweet for a natural oud, not overly or artificially so] but it also includes a structured animalic facet that evolves in and out alongside the choreography of the different notes as they combine over time, giving it different quality: from delicate suede, to vivifying barn. Such facet is neither the essence nor the backbone of this oil, but it does appear at times in different colors, always to evolve after a while into a sweet and spicy experience. Such contrasts are, for people who appreciate them, a great part of the pleasure of wearing traditional hindi oud oils. If you want for a similar profile but smoother, and more refined (this one is deliciously traditional), try our Hailakandi High Tea. 

A mild degree of barn and funk are seen as a desirable quality that is actively sought after by many oud lovers, myself included, but it is also hated by others, and an acquired taste to yet others, who progressively discover the exhilaration that such oils can provide. 

If you are new to oud (or new to Scentient Nature), make sure you order small samples first and and experience how you enjoy the oil before possibly ordering bigger quantities. Or explore our oud collection for more "easy going" profiles: it will be mentioned in their description.

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Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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