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Collection: FRAGRANTICA III - 'Esprits de Parfum' à la française [alcohol based natural perfume creation]

Créations Maison en Haute Parfumerie Naturelle

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The history of perfume making is and has always been in constant transformation everywhere humans have made of scents a craft and an art (that is mostly everywhere at all times).

The current form of alcohol based industrial blends that pollute world do too, the so called "luxury" perfumes by pure marketing illusionists, has itself too an history that is in movement (towards obsolescence, I personally hope).  

Before industrial interests started to push for synthetics to be dominant ant the turn of the XIXthe century, à la grande Belle Epoque, perfumes were often created under the form of "Extraits / Extracts"   or

 Esprits de Parfum

Those were perfumes that still had a scentient soul: made entirely with naturals, highly concentrated :25 to 40%. usually. It was simply using the newly widely available pure alcohol for perfumery (96 to 98 degrees). Alcohol helps perfumes open and diffuse in a very special way, it is certainly an interesting tool for perfumers, not only because it allows tincturing and extractions.

Here I go back to the original spirits and methods used until La belle époque. Perfumes were composed just like attars, by craftily blending different essence to create a 100% perfume concentré, which is basically what an attar /ittar* is, still a very important form of perfume in the Middle East and Asia.

After curing the perfume concentré was diluted into alcohol, further cured and bottled- This is the general method used here. Such perfumes combine some of the performative qualities of pure blends that industrial perfume won't offer, and it will give you this special feeling that alcohol based perfumes can have on those who enjoy them

Each perfume is patiently designed, often over months of development, sometimes much more (as each stage needs to harmonize and be cured before the next step), followed by substantial curing times.. All ingredients are high-end pure natural essences and aromatics, detailed on each specific perfume.

An Esprit de Parfum offers presence, tenacity, volume. A little goes very far. 

* If you are interested in attars / ittars, you can explore our own productions: both Traditional Attars and Scentient Nature's Creations.