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QVINTET No2 - Gemma Fragrantica

QVINTET No2 - Gemma Fragrantica

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An aristocratic and original blend.

This attar is one of my all time favourites, and a regular wear. It is ample in scope, but also refined and reserved. It doesn't project itself madly, nor is it obviously seductive : it is warm but also secret and mysterious in its own way. 

The composition is inspired by the fascination I have with ancient trade routes, connecting Indian aromatics (sandalwood, distilled clay) with Italian orris butter,. The profile evokes for me the olfactive pleasures of the wilderness in Central Asia: quasi desertic landscapes, offering surprisingly freshening,  rich and complex fragrances form the earth, especially after first rains, or in their blessed oases of green.

The olfactive experience evolves around the union of orris butter and sandalwood infused by petrichor and the deep added vibrancy from the ambergris. At times, and overtime, these core facets  combine to offer subtle new emerging notes, like fresh blond tobacco, elderberry cordial, apricot jam, light suede, "baking a croissant" or a hint of raw cacao. The dry down is delicate and powdery.

The saffron here is discernible but discrete; contributing to structuring the fragrance, but not at the forefront. If you are interested in offerings where it is more prominent, you can check this collection.

This attar is warm, enwrapping yet elegant, both dry and gourmand. A deeply enticing and radiant "second skin".


Orris butter (Iris pallida), Indian Sandalwood (S. album), Sri Lankan sandalwood (S. album), Hydrodistilled clay (natural quality fresh clay, collected, dried and hydro-distilled in India), Saffron (our production), Ambergris (shore collected)

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