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Collection: SCENTIENT SAFFRON - Saffron Based Creations & Offerings

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Saffron is one of the high quality aromatics we directly produce (you can read more about our production here).

Most of the Saffron people buy in Switzerland - and everywhere I have lived on three continents - is of poor quality and by fare not always genuine (nor 100% what it is supposed to be).

Also its nuances are not well known, here: how well cured and aged saffron can be exceptional, for examples, the surprising floral top notes that shine from freshly dried saffron, etc.

Just like with the rose, I also love working around the raw material in different ways as a perfumer, having virtually unlimited supplies to research and create with. 

This collection regroups all of Scentient Nature's saffron creations & raw material offerings in one place.

For attars and perfume creations, it means it is a meaningful ingredient, but not necessarily the central one (but it is that too at times, too)

We offer most of these products in bulk and wholesale quantities. Don't hesitate to contact us for inquiries.