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Collection: THE ARCHIVE VAULT - Fragrant memories

Le parfum s'évapore de la peau,
et un jour il disparait du pot 
et du magasin en ligne, aussi.
puis inévitablement un jour, même de l'olfactothèque.

Perfume evaporates from the skin, and one day it is gone from the bottle too, and from the online shop, also, then even one day from the olfactothèque

This collections is for memories, and for archive / reference. I find useful, as a customer, to have access to the information on the aromatics I buy even after they are gone and frustrated if I didn't save the information.

Hence this collection for oils / perfumes that we cannot offer anymore. At all.

It only includes offerings that were on the webshop online, not from the "brick and mortar"  and not offering from previous years.

The many small / micro batches of remain listed when of out of stock as long as there is a reasonable chance we will offer them again in the future. That is, that we will keep producing distillations of comparable scope : raw material, process, quality and profile [and artisan, if sourced]. 

The same goes for attars: I keep producing new batches as long as I feel interest for them, and that I don't run off some central and distinctive ingredients. Batches will vary slightly (just like they age and transform naturally) from edition to edition because all the ingredients used are quality artisan distillations, which will themselves vary from a year of production to another, depending of their respective curing, etc.