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SYLHET JUNGLE - Beautifully animalic 2017 Oud / artisan distillation

SYLHET JUNGLE - Beautifully animalic 2017 Oud / artisan distillation

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Last bottle sold in December 2022. Only 3ml left kept for archive and aging in the Olfactotheque.

Circa 40 year old semi wild Aquilaria malaccensis trees, grown in their natural ecosytem in the Bangla Sylhet jungle. No inoculation of the trees of any kind. Hydro distilled locally in 2017, after a traditional 30 day soak of the raw material. 

 This oil has rich and powerful overture, with beautiful animalic notes. The barnyard is deep but clean, without impure notes. Notes of assam tea, leather, cacao, tobacco and dried fruits also emerge. 

The oil is profoundly vitalizing, has a strong profile, and an excellent longevity. It is an exceptional oil for the price: A remarkable Oud.

If you are new to oud, and especially new to strong "hindi types" with barny profiles, I strongly recommend you order only a small sample first to see if this oils suits you, or if you want to try sweeeter or lighter ouds 

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