Offerings from the Winter 2024 Vietnam & Cambodia Sourcing Trip

I am just back from an inspiring sourcing trip in South East Asia, rich in adventures and learning experiences. You can read about it all in the travelogue, a dedicated heartnotes blog post.

This post proposed a summary of what I brought back for the webshop.

First, there are several new exciting raw wild agarwood chips :

PURSAT GEM - wild Cambodian agarwood / oud chips, single tree

WILD KOH-KONG - wild agarwood / oud chips from Cambodia, single tree, including some bigger pieces.

KHAHN HOA JUNGLE - wild Agarwood / oud chips form Vietnam at special price (multiple trees) 

... and a few more pieces, I will process later.

I also brought back a couple of excellent oud oils, but they will need to be cured for a year or two before being released.

To alleviate the waiting time, I am released one of the great oils that was sourced earlier in Cambodia:

BLACK DIAMOND - An remarkable oil, artisan distilled in late 2022 from one single wild mature tree ethically harvested in the Kampot region. The richness, evolution and complexity are mesmerizing:  a truly stand-out oil !  


I also worked on sourcing some other essential oils. I found by accident an interesting pomelo, and a crazy... lemongrass oil, passion side projects from a remarkable artisan oud distiller. I brought back small quantities for my real life clients, but don't hesitate to contact us if they interest you.

Some exciting new essential oils and incense should be also coming in a bit later, the networking for oils and ground work for incense making was laid during the trip, and we are now working towards finalization for both, and the - always complicated -  logistics. 



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