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THE DREAMING - Quality Australian Santalum album

THE DREAMING - Quality Australian Santalum album

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Australia has developed has a major producer of sustainable plantation Sandalwood over the last few decades, with remarkable foresight and professionalism. 

Most of it is industrially produced, via monoculture plantations, and the oils standardized for the perfumes and cosmetics industry, and not that interesting for the lovers of fine aromatics.

Some of it is produced on a smaller scale, with attention to detail and enjoyment of singularity in batches, such as this oil.

The present oil has been distilled in february 2020 over 72 hours. The wood is semi wild, circa 20-25 years. Heartwood and some trunk root system. 100 % pure and natural.

The profile is vivid, woody, nutty, with distinctive almond overtones as often australian S. album shows.

The Sandalwood logs shown in the picture are form Australia; but it is not the wood used for distillation: I just liked how the oil patterns on the wood echoes those on the cave paintings.

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