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CHAM SHAMAN - A Quality Wild Oud Oil from Vietnam

CHAM SHAMAN - A Quality Wild Oud Oil from Vietnam

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The opening is classical Vietnamese (herbal bouquet, including a hint of bitter, like in a good Italian aperitivo), accompanied by spice and fruit notes that progressively reveal themselves, wrapping themselves around the herbal notes and making the oil warm and round with the right dose of sweetness (for such a profile), and a fresh, vivifying aura.

The evolving olfactive experience unfolds over hours and includes blond tobacco, ripe peaches, mellow spices, petrichor, elderberry cordial, mint, and citrus family notes (pink grapefruit, candied orange, neroli & dried tangerine peel), as well as light touches of leather and honey.

The oil has a profile of strong character, but unfolds in a gentle and smooth way. It is not a "powerhouse wear" intensity & projection wise. The 'oudiness' is nevertheless satisfying and long lasting. I would resume this profile as aristocratic (rather than animalic or sensual or sweet, for example). 

The oil has remarkable longevity with a very interesting dry down, which taken to its full extent reveals new combinations appear, like 'sweet mint lime water' that I first noticed after 12 hours  or 'cassonade' (raw unrefined sugar) that appeared an hour later.

The Scent profile is neither linear, nor a wild dance of ever changing notes, but somewhere in between, showing both evolution  and the emergence of surprising notes, while keeping a steady consistent core.

This oil will age beautifully, and I am really looking forward to witness that.


Oil Information

Wild Aquilaria crassna from Vietnam / Quang-Nam Province. 

Careful low-temperature Distillation / January 2022 


The Scentient Experience

Mild but extrdmely long lasting oudiness (keeping being vivid). Oud is a major qi / energy unblocker according to chinese medicine (and experience).

The oil is inspiring and invigorating, conductive for alertness, focus and creativity. It is a good oil for meditation.

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Terms, Conditions, Scope of use, etc

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Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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