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PAPUA PINK GOLD 2018 - A very surprising floral oud oil

PAPUA PINK GOLD 2018 - A very surprising floral oud oil

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 Wild Aquilaria filaria from Papua-New Guinea, artisan distilled in 2018.

Instead of the customary soaking, half of the raw material has been "dry fermented' (the expression is not literal: it refers to soaking with a higher ratio of solid to wet materials than normal soaking fermentation), while the other half has been soaked

The result gives an olfactive surprise....  full of top and middle notes : floral  (orris, rose), but also woody (oud) and slightly sweet (vanilla, halva) and occasionally fruity (lychee, pink grapefruit). There is also a distinctive note of marsh mallow (the plant:, Althaea officinalis, not the industrial sweet), and a hint of suede. The profile is quite linear, though it does evolve lightly.

This oil is warm, comforting, elegant. It is also very clean and has no barny or funky notes and will fit Western social contexts. The projection is mild and the longevity is excellent. This a smooth profile, that will be suited for people who are discovering oud.

This said... 

 Un nez averti en vaut deux

This is a really atypical oud profile. I have excellent feedback from my European clients with this oil, but some people who prefer old school traditional ouds are not huge fans... like in all things taste and preferences are our own, and it is very important for me that you enjoy the products you buy here, so I recommend to buy small samples first to see how you enjoy the oil.


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