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MAHISURU GOLD RESERVE - 2018 Premium Mysore Sandalwood oil [Santalum album]

MAHISURU GOLD RESERVE - 2018 Premium Mysore Sandalwood oil [Santalum album]

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In the world of sandalwood oil, the is probably the most famous benchmark for classical Sandalwood. It denotes a certain olfactive profile that is in high demand: creamy, buttery, warm, slightly floral.

This profile had all the distinctive notes, and is deliciously soft and sweetly balsamic in its woodiness facet. It remains true to itself during all its unfolding (excellent longevity). 

The high quality heartwood, circa 25 yo, used in this traditional copper hydro distillation does indeed come from south Karnataka, govt sanctioned, and has been distilled by a craft master in Northern India.  This current batch was distilled in 2018.  

A new batch (April 2022) from the same artisan, produced with similar quality raw material, is currently curing and will be listed here later, as sandalwood oils are cured a minimum of a year to a year and a half before being put on sale here, sometimes (much) more.

The ancient Mysore Kingdom in South Karnataka had its center at Mahishapura, the name later became Mahisūru (a name which the royal family still uses) and then Mysuru, the current name of the city. Mysore is the anglicized version.

The robe is very deep golden, the profile is profound, creamy, buttery, luminous, with delicate flowery and fruity notes dancing around, and a surprising but delicious mineral note.

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