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GOLDEN TEMPLE - An inspiring affordable Sandalwood oil from India

GOLDEN TEMPLE - An inspiring affordable Sandalwood oil from India

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A balanced, versatile, sandalwood oil with character, at an affordable price. It provides a complete and classic sandalwood experience: creaminess, woodiness and a hint of spice.


An inexpensive little wonder

Indian Santalum album

Trunk heartwood with little portion of root heartwood

Trees : semi wild circa 20 years.

Artisan distilled over 3 days in February 2022. 100% pure and natural.

The inspiration behind the name

The gold leaves that recover the golden temple change colors with the ambient light of the day, ranging from the brightest yellow, to deeper darker shades of luminous gold. This spectrum and versatility gave the inspiration for the name  

The Golden Temple (also known as the Harmandir Sahib, lit. 'abode of God', is a gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, in Punjab, India. It is the preeminent spiritual site of Sikhism. 

In 1604, Guru Arjan placed a copy of the Adi Granth the holy book of Sikkhism, in the temple. It has been repeatedly rebuilt by the Sikhs after it became a target of persecution and was destroyed several times by Mughal and invading Afghan armies. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, rebuilt it in marble and copper in 1809, and overlaid the sanctum with gold leaf in 1830. This has led to the name the Golden Temple.

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Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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