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BODHISATTVA ROOTS - 100 y.o + naturally fallen old Sandalwood tree from temple garden

BODHISATTVA ROOTS - 100 y.o + naturally fallen old Sandalwood tree from temple garden

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In our generic age, uniqueness and singularity are, for me the real luxury. 

This tree gave shade, beauty, presence, in a temple garden for more than  a hundred years. It got infused by the spiritual energy of the place and by the terroir (red cedar and bamboo). Because of the very rocky terrain and thin soil, its growth was stunted with the happy collateral effect to - proportionally - concentrate the essential oils . It died naturally after a good life  And, after much reverence, and care, now it is offering its essence for our benefit, enjoyment and elevation.

Naturally fallen 100+ y.o Santalum album tree from southern Japan. The root system stump was aged 5 years in the ground, in its original location prior to distillation. Only the root system (the richest part of the tree in oil, proportionally) was used for the distillation.

Distilled by a dear friend, skilled artisan distiller with a monk's patience, a loving art and a perfectionist attention to all details. The distillation process (spring 2021) lasted for around 250 uninterrupted hours, at low temperature and fine tuned delicate pressure.

Such long distillation cycles are crucial for honoring very old wood, so all the oil patiently built up over decades and stuck in plant fiber material, can be released. Of course the cost of combustible and manual labor are important and reflected in the oil's pricing.  

The oil has been cured three years prior to release and, properly kept, will keep aging beautifully for decades.

My friend cured distilled the heartwood separately, it is the oil called Bodhisattva Heart.  


Olfactive profile

 While Sandalwood is not widespread Japan, it is revered, used ritually, largely used in the incense industry. The trees are cultivated in temple gardens and sometimes found native in  the Japanese tropical zones. 

Due to the age of the root system and its in soil-curing, the profile is showing strong distinctive terroir notes, after the tree's root system has been in contact with the garden soil, induced by the surrounding bamboo / red cedar forest for over a century.

The robe is of a deep amber color amber oud, and the profile shows many interesting terroir notes, such as the red cedar the tress has lived in interaction, but also warming ghee and caramel any many interesting background nuances.

The oil is dense, clean, spicy and invigorating. Some unique features reflect the special terroir: a spicy rainbow blend of peppercorns; and a deep (very old) cedar note. As the early spiciness dissipates progressively  we are left only with the sandalwood's quintessence. 

 This oil has remarkable longevity. 

Careful Notice : This a Sandalwood with a strong terroir presence, which contribute to its uniqueness and beauty. If you are used to classical Mysore profiles (the most classic profile for natural Sandalwood), or to generic Sandalwood (like the synthetic ones in most perfumes),  I recommend that you order a small sample first, especially, seeing to cost of this quality artisan unique oil. 


The inspiration behind the name  

Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings who have put off entering paradise in order to help others attain enlightenment.

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Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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