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[BY PRE ORDER ONLY] WILD VIETNAMESE AGARWOOD MALA - Rare - 108 Beads x 6mm - One single tree

[BY PRE ORDER ONLY] WILD VIETNAMESE AGARWOOD MALA - Rare - 108 Beads x 6mm - One single tree

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2 to 3 times a year, a partner or me go in producing countries, and we source some malas of different quality and for every budget.

This is a side activity, and I don't invest more much money in building stock, at least for now, but I always have display pieces to experience the range and qualities in real life.

We do not offer the exact same piece: all is artisan made, but a piece of comparable quality.

If you want to pre-order one, just write to me, and when we are getting near the time of field presence, I'll confirm with you if you are still interested, and then ask for your payment in case you are. 


Exceptionally fragrant, delicately chiseled... a true marvel.

108 x 6 mm beads sculpted form wild mature Vietnam wood from one single tree, from Da Trang province.

Polished but neither treated, varnished, nor scent-enhanced. Very substantial continuous scent, completely natural.

I personally use this grade of quality as ritual practice piece, much more than an everyday wear (or a vanity piece).

I do not build these malas, I source them with tremendous screening efforts. The elastics are supposed to be solid and I never had any problems so far, but it is a a precious and relatively delicate object, not something to grab and pull.



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