Our own productions

We produce selected aromatics of exceptional quality

Entirely natural and organic

Ecologically & socially positive

Absolute priority for quality over productivity

Available in wholesale & bulk, too... just contact us

In addition to our direct production (saffron & rose), we offer several of our co-productions, as well as a few creations and some exclusively sourced items in bulk* and wholesale quantities. for example :

- Our in-house Saffron maceration in Sandalwood oil

- Our in-house Rose, Saffron & Sandalwood attar

- Some of our exclusive Sandalwood (s. Album) artisan co-productions (others are micro batches)

- Orris butter

... just to name a few.

Many of our co-produced and sourced oils, as well as many of our creations, are unique and small batch. Those are only available retail. I can arrange to produce such batches for you on demand though.

*bulk quantities are smaller than wholesale quantities. It is meant for small businesses, burgeoning natural perfumers etc. for pure essential rose oil, it starts at 25 ml, for example.

For bulk & wholesale offers, and any other inquiries : just write to us