Our Co-Productions

Scentient Nature

also develops regular collaborations & co-productions

with partners who share compatible passion, vision

and "quality first" practices


Currently ongoing: 

  •  North & northeast India: supporting semi-wild oud wood growth, artisan pure oils distillation, "oud tea", etc. 
  • Sourcing high quality oud wood & oil in South-East Asia, supporting ethical harvesters & co producing distillations.
  • Sandalwood distillations in India & Sri Lanka, plus supporting artisan producers from Timor and Indonesia. S
  • Co-production of distillations of rare or lesser known aromatics, in Europe and Asia. 
  • Punctual (Co) Productions from other woods, resins, plant, flowers : we co-produce high end distillations with different small scale quality artisans on a case to case basis
  • Sourcing Ethical non cruelty animalics (eg: shore collected ambergris)



If you are an artisan producer of quality aromatics, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss possbilities.