Sourcing & On-Demand Distillations

Besides our own productions, I have established over the years a (world) wide network for sourcing high end aromatics. I source directly from producers, and occasionally from fully trusted intermediaries  (never more than one between the producers and me). I like to cultivate long terms relations in business, with fellow passionate artisans, who put first quality at all stages before yield or profit maximization. 

In case you are looking for certain essential oils, absolutes or raw materials, check with us if we can find them for you. I have skilled and trusted long terms collaborators in a whole range of countries.

Actually, we might even have them already here, as all we source is not sold on the website, by far: we source for some of our wholesale customers, I use many ingredients in my blends that are not listed here, etc.

We also occasionally produce high quality artisan distillations on demand ranging from rose oils (1st fraction only, for example) , to rare citrus oils, sandalwoods, agarwood oud, etc. We are always interested to explore new such projects, when feasible. There is of course a minimum order quantity and a budget to be agreed on to make things viable.

If you are an artisan producer of quality aromatics, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possibilities.

In general, a word of caution for those who do not know the materials and the market well yet : High end aromatics  are often tampered with, if not adulterated, and many sources will sell counterfeit products marketed as genuine, either due to incompetence or  ill-intent.


So wherever you buy, my recommendation if to proceed with care, order small quantities / samples first and get to know and trusts your merchants.

Oud, Sandalwood, Saffron and Rose, are among the raw materials often counterfeited (due to their high value), but the actual list is countless and the tampering techniques quasi infinite. Some are basic, common and easily noticeable, while some others are sadly much more sophisticated and hard to unveil.

Also many industrial companies, work with high pressure quick distillation cycles, chemically rectified substances, and / or poor raw materials

When I started exploring the world of aromatics, I wasted substantial sums of money because I trusted people on their word, and because my experience and knowledge were too limited. As a person who thinks truth is one of the important social, ethical and spiritual values for individuals and the world, I abhor such practices. 

One of the ways to weaken them is to offer guaranteed quality and integrity of items here and share as much information as time and energy permits so people avoid costly mistakes elsewhere.

Genuine aromatics are a blessing for so may things in life, they ought to be treated with respect and honored.


Images below
Left: Aquilaria malaccensis, one of the species producing oud /agarwood. Here semi-wild natural trees (planted, but within a natural ecosystem, not a plantation, and without inoculation of any sort), sustainably grown by local villagers in North-Eastern India.
Right: a road linking India and Myanmar