Sourcing Agarwood / oud and producing distillations in South East Asia (& webshop incidence for Feb - March 2024)

Update - 7th of April 2024

You can read the travelogue (and musings, and lessons) on the heartnotes blog 

The webshop's new offerings can be found on the shop blog


Update - 2nd of April 2024

Normal website service has resumed.

Will post soon about the trip, and about the new woods and oils 


The exciting time for a new fieldwork trip has come, sourcing different aromatics (chiefly oud/agarwood this time) and overseeing distillations

The present trip will unfold in SouthEast Asia (Vietnam & Cambodia, mostly) where I have long standing friendships and collaborations


Consequently, the webshop will be run with a minimal presence from the 14th of Februray until the end of March:

Orders will be shipped once a week only

Until normal service resumes

Last regular orders will be send 12th-13th of February until normal service resumes early April.

Correspondence will be less reactive, and the actual orders will be prepared by Anne-Sophie, one of Scentient Nature’s wonderful collaborators.

It is important to be aware that some customisations or specifics of incoming orders during my absence might not be possible to procure until I return.

To sort out all specifics I will personally correspond with you. In case some items cannot be fulfilled while I am away, we can refund them or delay to my return the parts of your order that cannot be immediately fulfilled. If we delay things, and send your order in two rounds, the second round of shipping costs will naturally be "on the house".

Normal webshop service will resume at the beginning of April (the 2nd, as the 1st is a official holiday this year in Switzerland)

Wonderful new wood will be available by then in our oud collection (the oils will be too fresh and will need to be cured for a year or two – or more- before being put on the market), but I will also add oils from this region that are currently curing and that are ready for release.




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