DISCLAIMER II - Nature of the information / content on this website

Whatever content I share in any section of this website it is to be taken as information for your intellectual interest / curiosity / enjoyment and nothing else. No medical or health claims are ever made regarding any product.

 All the content on this website is copyrighted. You do not have permission do use / reproduce any of it without my explicit, scope-specific and written consent.

While I make my best to verify sources, no information is guaranteed to be accurate, nor complete, and no information whatsoever constitutes a recommendation of use in any form. 

The redacted contents relating to the products on this website is a personal, and of course non-exhaustive, synthesis taken from different sources:

  • reference books and articles written by leading essential oil specialists and researchers.
  • serious blogs and websites on aromatherapy
  • local folk  / traditional uses that the people I collaborate with in different regions of the world told me about / field observations I made
  • traditional knowledge and practices in different historical and cultural traditions of use that I find during research
  • my personal work and experiences with these products

The contents shared are simply a token of my personal approach and understanding of things. They are meant to be compared with information from other sources that you explore by yourself.

The descriptions of items on the website (products, collections, other information) might be modified at anytime without notice.  

The content that I share do not engage my responsibility for the use you will make of those products in any way. See the following post for the scope of use of our products.

We do not have any affiliattions with any of the authors, books or blog (...) we might recommend.

We do curate reviews before publishing. We accept and publish constructive criticism but not bad faith, trolling nor disrespectful reviews. We put a lot of time, care and respect in our work in a kind of old school way. We expect the quality of mutual hospitality when we deal with online customers, just like we do in real life.  

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