DISCLAIMER I - Scope of use for products bought on this website

Most of the products sold by Scentient Nature have very long cultural histories of medicinal, cosmetic, culinary, perfumery (...) and other uses. Because of the current legal system, such uses are totally out the scope of the purposes we sell products for. No medical or health claims are ever made regarding any product sold on this website. You engage in all uses at your own risk entirely. 

Our expertise lies in practices around olfaction of aromatics only. All the range of products sold by Scentient Nature are intended for olfactive purposes only without any direct contact with the body: that means to be smelled, for example from the bottle, applied on a glass stick or a perfumer’s blotter or diffused by other appropriate means. You should personally investigate the safety of any of the projected use(s) for all the specific aromatic(s) you intend using.

There are three main legal categories of use for essential oils: cosmetic - therapeutic - and household item / others. While such categorization is what it is and could be expanded (many companies use essential oils in food and beverages too, for example) it does provide a useful context within the current legislations.

Cosmetic use applies to Essential oils or essential oil products applied topically with the following goals of temporarily changing and/or improving the appearance of face, skin, nails, or cleansing the body or perfuming the body.

Therapeutic use applies Essential oils or essential oil products claiming to act as drug and therefore :  treat, cure, or prevent a condition, illness, or disease. Or to  permanently alter the state of the body, and/or  affect a function of the body. Those, under the right supervision are either applied topically, internally, or inhaled. For example, claims that a product will relieve colic, ease pain, relax muscles, treat depression or anxiety, or help you sleep are drug claims. Those should only be made by qualified aromatherapists.

The Household item/other use applies include essential oils or essential oil products that are used for cleaning surfaces and/or sprayed or diffused in the air for fragrance. “Other” uses include diffusing or inhaling for spiritual and/or mental well-being. Spiritual benefits of essential oils include things like enhancing mediation practices or helping set intentions. Similarly, using essential oils to regulate moods and emotions, such as inspiring positive thoughts, falls under use for mental well-being.

While the essential oils sold by Scentient Nature are 100% pure and natural, and of high quality, they are NEVER sold for any medical or cosmetic uses: only for spiritual and mental well-being. 

Remember that the chemical compounds found in natural aromatics are generated by plants for purposes serving the plants themselves not for human use. Humans have to learn how to use them safely, with consciousness, care and respect.

You should very seriously investigate beforehand the safety of all the use(s) for the aromatics and methods you envision. If you project to treat anything with aromatics, you need to refer to a qualified professional aromatherapist and follow their prescriptions.

Any uses you might choose to perform with our products are entirely under your own responsibility and at your own risk. Scentient Nature holds no responsibility whatsoever for what you choose to do with the products you buy form us, that means Scentient Nature (the company and people working with the company), can in no way be held responsible for any use and misuse of the products sold on this site.

Get the advice of qualified professionals and do serious research before attempting to use aromatics: they are powerful substances, and while they can perform wonders, they can also be seriously dangerous if used irresponsibly.

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