A brief introduction to this website

This website is a child of passion, not a “for profit only or mainly” venture. 

I have developed over the years, without any marketing, a network of wonderful clients for both retail, wholesale and services. First in Switzerland, where I am based, then internationally, with niche perfumers colleagues and wholesale customers for our rose production.

This website is the next step. I created it for several reasons: 

  • I love sharing and exchanging around my passion for essential oils, resins, woods and medicinal plants, sharing what I develop, the new knowledge I encounter, etc. 

  • It is the next logical step for some projects I co-develop or actively contribute to for more than 20 years. You can read more about my personal journey here, and about the projects I co-develop in the Hindu Kush, and elsewhere, here. The projects in the Hindu Kush emerged after a decade of development work locally, that ultimately left my partner and I  frustrated. We decided to develop our own projects outside of any development framework, to contribute to re-wilding and to helping quite a lot of people locally. More about that here.
  • I want to support some small scale producers whose work I believe in around three factors: the intrinsic quality of the aromatics they produce, the positive social impact, and the ecological sustainability (or better regrowth, rewilding and expansion of natural spaces) 

  • I am often saddened about the quality of aromatics sold online. There are many excellent and reputable providers, but they are a minority overall : there is also an abundance of mediocre products. And worse, plethora of adulterated products being sold, especially for the more expensive aromatics (oud, sandalwood, rose, saffron, etc,). Likewise for cheating on origins or species, or even methods used to produce extraction. Cheats, MLM sectarians or incompetent sellers abound. Likewise for mythomania fueled aggrandizing stories of the rarest olfactive treasures kept by elusive sultans and miraculously retrieved for you by your humble (crook)servant in the further bazaars of mysterious exotic princely places, or the  over-promising snake oil "will heal all" deceits , or the contemporary plain bullshit marketing. In short, the credulity of non-specialists is very often abused and I find this revolting.

This website is not meant to be my main source of income at all, so it can grow at its own organic speed, or even not grow at all. Such an approach allows me to remain authentic with the products I sell and the information I share. It also allows me to tell the occasional entitled or unfriendly customers to take their business elsewhere without any second thought.  

For other questions, you might find answers in our FAQ (or never hesitate to contact us).