Meditations, Oflactive Journeys and other Discoveries

One of my personal passion projects is to keep an "Olfactotheque": an archive of aromatic substances for study and reference.

My favorite aromatics are offerings on the shop of course, but there are countless of their variations that are not, and hundreds of others oils or resins.


Different things that I propose occasionally, in real life:

- the possibility of trying out first hand the selections offered for sale or to discover other precious (or non precious) aromatics

- meditations : aromatics have been in religious and spiritual contexts since we have archaeological traces of humanity and they can be great facilitators for meditative work

- yoga energy work with aromatics as a central tool

- olfactive journeys : aromatics can be use to craft special sensory experience and / or narrative journeys


As with all services, those mentioned above are proposed occasionally and in selected contexts only.

You can contact me here to discuss possibilities.