Growing Organically - Label Rebels

As I operate the expansion of my scentient practice online, I have to develop many things in parallel, and I love taking things at an organic rhythm.

I have started to work with Gina Morelli, a graphic designer I had previously collaborated with on an book and really appreciated both creatively and humanly,  to produce a visual identity, labels etc.

Amusingly, when I mentioned that to my real life clients, quite a few expressed their regret of possibly seeing the end of the clumsy handmade DIY hand written labelling. Of course, I tell them I am happy to keep doing that for them

I have the feeling the less people know me or see me operate in relf life "in the flesh", the more they would like a little bit of brand consistency, but this is speculative ( I guess it will depend on many other factors)

Maybe a blend of both would be optimal?


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