A non-commercial blog within a website including a shop ?

It might seem odd to find a non commercial blog on a website including a retail online store and wholesale portal, so a few clarifications are perhaps useful.

What qualifies as non commercial here ?

There is nothing for sale linked to the Heartnotes blog's posts content. Period. The content focuses on knowledge, passion, experience, history, culture, the arts, etc.

Isn't there a grey Zone?

Of course. The choice of hosting the Blog here is a testimony to that. I am  actually proud of different facets of traditional Perfume making, sales included (provided they respect a mission statement, ethics and basically, that I would be happy being on the other end of it all: as a customer)

Can you give more concrete examples?

Well if I speak about a distillation, I will speak history, technique, recipes, allegory, (..) here, but even if I journal about a distillation we made that is available on the Shop's listing, I will not mention that here and there will be no link.

If I speak about my beloved roses, or about the Rosa damascena (the species of rose that we grow and distillate), the posts will be about cultural histories, art, literature, recipes, etc. but there will be no link to our products or to the pages presenting our rose orchard and distillation work, etc. 

But then how do we know if what you share here on the blog informs some of the products we as customers might buy?

The Product descriptions on the online shop, or the Shop's blog posts might include link to posts on the present Heartnotes blog. But this blog's posts do NOT link back to shop items or collections, because this blog is not about promotion but about knowledge, culture and art.

With this system, if you are curious about exploring knowledge linked to products you are interested in you just follow the links you find while exploring the items available in the shop, and if you are just here out of knowledge interest, you can just meander through this blog without being exposed to injunctions to buy.


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