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Professional Perfumer's Bottles with Precise & Dripless Control of Content Release

Professional Perfumer's Bottles with Precise & Dripless Control of Content Release

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These bottles have been developed for professional perfumers, they are perfect for transport, storage, curing, tincturing or blending aromatic materials, either liquid or viscous.

The stroke of genius is the neck, designed in an optimally curved functionality to solve a potential recurring nightmare for perfumers and guarantee optimal pouring. To my great surprise (as I used to experience said "nightmare" before), it It is a genuine pleasure to pour things in and out of such bottles, which all my clients also confirm (furthermore as I send my wholesale orders in those, unless clients prefer high quality coated aluminium designed for aromatics instead of glass) 

The experience of working with those bottles is smooth, dripless and allows for unmatched control of content release  

The cap closure system is standardized and works for all different bottle volumes.

The cap is perfectly tight and designed for aromatics storage. Its inner plug (inside the cap) is made of lab-quality polyethylene and shaped in a specific conical way as to match, and seal, the necx perfectly.

Made from 100% recyclable UV resistant glass, high quality extremely robust Soda-Lime Amber glass. Of course the non linear dripless neck's shape, makes the crown of the neck the only part of the design to be watchful of (and it remains remarkably strong : just don't trow it against a wall, let if fall head first on a stone floor, nor hit it with something hard from the wrong angle in the rim, etc.). UV resistance complies with the minimum tolerance / maximum quality standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia

Currently I use mostly the 60 ml and the 270 ml Bottles (the odd numbers is to match the volume-weight  ratio of essential oils (it is common that 50 gr of an oil takes up to 60 ml volume, but rarely more), so I currently sell those by the piece. I would love to used all, but it would mean ordering several thousands of - expensive bottles, since those professional bottles have HUGE minimum order quantities (MOQ) at the factory.

Therefore I only open a new line in the online shop on the initiative of retail clients if they order a certain number of pieces : 

15 ml Bottles   - MOQ = 70    (price per unit - ppu :    )
(I will have to order several hundred of bottles for providing you with that and store them - which costs - and hope I will sell enough over time to break even or make a marginal profit. But I love these bottles and trust they will develop their public over time, so I am ok to take the risk plus I will enjoy a lot having more volume options to work with, though it is not a necessity for me)

So, the whole list would be:

15 ml Bottles   - MOQ = 80    (ppu :  )
30 ml   Bottles - MOQ = 70    (ppu :  )
60 ml   Bottles - MOQ = 1      ( = currently offered retail)
120 ml Bottles - MOQ = 30    (ppu :  )
270 ml Bottles - MOQ = 1
600 ml Bottles - MOQ = 15    (ppu :  )

Of course if I order a pallet of this or that volume for myself or for my wholesale clients, I will put some pieces for retail sale here too, like I am doing with the 60ml and the 270ml)  

Bottles / Vials Info

See and read more about our different vials & bottles before ordering (link here)

Terms, Conditions, Scope of use, etc

We advise that you read this section before buying anything. Any purchase on this website imply that you accept all terms and conditions detailed in there.

Care information

For optimal longevity:

Keep away from (sun)light, heat, oxidation and external materials in the bottle : they degrade your aromatics.

Keep in the dark at room temperature, ideally below 25 Degrees Celsius


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